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TROUBLE BREWS AT STANDARDS AUTHORITY! …As Union Kicks Against Appointment of Professor Doddoo

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The Local Union of Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has stated that it is shocked and disappointed at the re-appointment of Professor Alexander N. O. Dodoo by his Excellency the President as Director General of the Ghana Standards Authority.


They have stated that their dismay is coming against the back drop of the alleged abysmal and mediocre performance of the Professor in his first term in office.

This was contained in a press statement by the PSWU on the re-appointment of Professor Alexander N. O. Dodoo as the Director General of the Ghana Standards Authority.

The local union of the Public Services Workers’ Union in the Ghana Standards Authority is the union representing unionized workers of the Authority. They stated that as the recognised and legally registered union operating in the Ghana Standards Authority, they work to protect the interest of the workers, the progress of the Authority and above all seek the interest and wellbeing of the people of Ghana.

“It has become necessary to issue this press statement because the Union has read from the media about the re-appointment of Professor Alexander N. O. Dodoo as Director General of the Authority by his Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo. There are many cogent reasons why the Professor ought not to be re-appointed,” they said.

(Below is the rest of the press statement).


It is officially known and openly so that Professor Dodoo’s administration is the subject matter of on-going investigations by the NIB (formerly BNI) following serious and verifiable allegations of wrong doings in the GSA under the watch and supervision of Professor Dodoo. Indeed due to the seriousness of the numerous allegations, the NIB has yet to conclude the investigations and present a report. It is therefore the considered position of the union that it is not only pre-mature and wrongful to re-appoint Professor Dodoo but also pre-emptive of the investigation and the re-appointment will not allow for a free, fair and thorough investigation into the administration of the GSA by Professor Dodoo.


Professor Dodoo has set side established policies and guidelines in the public service as issued by the Public Services Commission and now runs the organisation like his private business without due regard to existing corporate policies and regulations. Professor Dodoo creates new positions, directorates and

departments at  his whims and caprices for the sole purpose of appointing his favourites and cronies into those positions without the knowledge and approval of the GSA Executive committee, the Public Service Commission and even the Presidency.

He takes major decisions without consulting his deputies – e.g. introduction of the proposed New Standard Bill for parliamentary approval was a unilateral decision taken by him and this eventually lead to staff agitation. He did same with the Harmonisation of Operations between FDA and GSA and other private laboratories in which the DG has vested interest.

The DG removed the Acting Director of Procurement on false claims and brought in a retiree of another organisation on contract to have his way in procurement matters. The same person doubles as the Director of Administration although there is a substantive Director of Administration.

As part of his strategies to achieve his personal interest, the DG has instituted a strong divide and rule tactics among staff.

He has developed a strategy to propagate and project himself and telling lies through the media to create an impression that he is performing on the job. This, unfortunately is NOT a true reflection of events in the organization.

The DG has created overlaps between the work of GSA and that of some other government institutions leading to inter-organizational conflicts and animosity among staff of the agencies – thereby creating a bad name and ill-will for the government.

Illegally outsourcing GSAs functions and activities such as Lift Inspection to System Advance Ltd, ITRAMAS Ltd. and Histhopathology without approval from PPA and MOF.

Complete disregard of structures, disrespect to staff, arrogant dictatorship are his style of leadership

The BNI report has all the required information to describe his style of leadership.

If indeed he has been reappointed by the president he should come out and show the letter to staff. We believe the president to be a listening president who will in no way condole such wrongdoings and reappoint Alex Dodoo.

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