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Youth Activist Kwabena Frimpong Admonishes Africa Leaders To Invest In Research

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Youth Activist, Kwabena Frimpong, has admonished Africa leaders and political parties to invest in research to bring out proper findings to shape up the future of Africa.



According to the General Secretary of Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA), Africa and Political leaders have failed woefully in investing into research and that has contributed to our lack of solving many challenges confronting the Africa continent.


There is no subterfuge in the relevance of research when conducted correctly because it helps us to understand and possibly even solve existing or possible problems.


This could be anything from social issues to medical or scientific breakthroughs.


Governments, organizations, institutions, or individuals carry out research all the time to come to conclusions about policies and strategies.


Without this research and knowledge, it would be difficult to make a change.


Research will aim to answer such questions so that informed decisions can be made about what strategies will help.


Speaking at a forum organised by Critical Thinkers International (CTI) under the theme; Influence of Research on Electoral Strategies; Ghana’s Democracy and How the NPP and NDC have fared in General Elections under the 4th Republic, the brave Youth Activist underscored the importance of research.


“If you are a political party or body or organisation, and you want to make impact or inroads then you need to invest in research properly because after conducting a research it will help you to know the challenges, way forward and how to overcome them.”


“One thing that has been identified is that, most of our political parties don’t actually invest into research. They actually don’t invest or strengthen their research team, though most of them have such portfolios.”


“If we can have a very competent research team or body, it will help or inform us to make a proper decision to will inspire the progress of Africa in general,” he concluded.


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