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When Murdered Ghosts Haunt…

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Norman Goodman Misserial’s 


‘ESCAPADES OF KWEKU ATTA, ESQ.,’-An African President

His Excellency Nana Sir Obrempong Ewiasewura Kwaku Atta I, Esq., QB, SAG, OBE, KFC, the President of Ogyakrom, known to the world at large as Kwaata, was laughing so hard that tears were rolling down his large, moon-shaped face and his fat cheeks jiggled and wobbled. He looked like a well-fed eel, glistering his mirth as his jowls and belly wobbled with mirth.

The object of his mirth, Alhaji Dr. Efovi John Joojo Asante Zubaida, the flagbearer of the Socialist Party of Ogyakrom, was holding forth at a press conference. In contrast to the President, the flagbearer of the Socialist Party was virtually foaming at the mouth with rage, his eyes narrow and mean with wrath.

“There should be no investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the former President. The man is dead! Dead! We should just allow him to rest in peace! This government should desist from the political vendetta of seeking to find people to blame about a natural occurrence!”

“But your Excellency,” shouted a journalist from the assembled press, “Why are you being so emotional about an investigation into the death of your former boss? Surely, you should have conducted the investigation yourself? Surely, you should be interested in finding out how and why he died so that…”

But the question was drowned out by a collective howl of rage from supporters of Alhaji Dr. Efovi John Joojo Asante Zubaida, who crowded the room from all corners.

That journalist would be beaten by all means, thought His Excellency, smiling at the thought.

Alhaji Dr. Efovi John Joojo Asante Zubaida was holding a press conference in reaction to a motion tabled on the floor of parliament calling for non-partisan investigation into the death of Professor Ignarus de Malis Pax Atta Wokor, the former President of Ogyakrom, who had died almost two years into his tenure as President. The death was over ten years old, but still haunted the nation. At the time of his death President Professor Wokor had been widely assumed to be the upcoming flag bearer in the next presidential elections, having won a first term as President. However, at the time, there had also been much speculation in the public about his general state of health, since he suffered from a debilitating disease many believed to be cancer. Indeed, he had looked like a cancer victim, an allegation he strenuously denied. 

The political cognoscenti had speculated that he would suffer long and debilitating days in a sick bed, thus endangering the political fortunes of the then ruling Socialist Party, then, fortuitously, he just appeared in a hospital one day, accompanied by only two security men and bleeding heavily from the mouth, to be declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Since then, Ogyakrom had been rife with suggestions that somebody had hurried him on his way to his Maker. Alhaji Dr. Efovi John Joojo Asante Zubaida, suddenly plunged into the highest office of the land, put paid to any future potential investigation by digging a grave and burying his former boss in what many claim was a granite tomb.

Since assuming the Presidency after Alhaji Dr. Efovi John Joojo Asante Zubaida, His Excellency Nana Sir Obrempong Ewiasewura Kwaku Atta I, Esq., QB, SAG, OBE, KFC, the President of Ogyakrom, known to the world at large as Kwaata, had often been asked whether he would investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the death of a former occupant of this office, but he had often fielded the question.

His reasons were not far to seek. To begin with, politically, any such investigation may not bring forth any definitive results, given the fact that the corpse had been in the grave for quite some time.

Secondly, he was basically a decent man at heart, and he felt queasy about subjecting a former political opponent to the indignities of an investigation of this nature. He knew he would never authorize any such investigation, but it was enjoyable seeing Alhaji Zubaida, also a consummate politician, squirm at the end of the hook.

He told himself that politics was an unpleasant game, and that if the tables were turned, if the late Professor Ignarus de Malis Pax Atta Wokor had found himself in the position of either Zubaida or himself, he would have reacted exactly as both of them were reacting at present. First, he would foam at the mouth with rage at any suggestion of an investigation, and conversely, if he were the President, he would not authorize an investigation.

A moment later, His Excellency lost his smile and began to think; would it not be wise for him to find out, privately for himself, the exact conditions under which his predecessor died? Where did he wake up in the morning that fateful day? Who was with him throughout the day? Where was the medical attendant who was supposed to be close by twenty-four hours of the day? Where were his personal security, who were also supposed to be attendant throughout the day? What was his general condition of health?

How was the gentleman transported to the hospital? Why was his death so fortuitous and convenient to the fortunes of the then ruling Socialist Party, dying at a time when he could conveniently be dispatched to the next world with enough time to market a new candidate?

Once his mind started off on that tangent, the questions kept coming. 

He asked himself; why did Zubaida fail to conduct an investigation at the time? Surely, he could have put down all future speculation by holding an inquest that would set down the historical facts to avoid any future speculation?

Was Professor Wokor murdered? Is his ghost restlessly seeking for justice? The questions kept on coming and coming, all of them with unpleasant portends…

To be con’t.

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