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We Want To Ban State Officials from Buying Public Lands-Abu Jinapor

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Report by Nana POKU


The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Abudlai Jinapor has hinted that the president of the Republic intends to stop state officials and politicians from acquiring state lands.

Speaking on the ‘Good Morning Ghana’ program hosted by Randy Abbey at Metro TV station, he posited that the practice where some political officials and influential people in society scramble for these lands would be halted.

The Hon Minister intimated that there are piled up applications by these people on his table asking for opportunity to buy these lands.

“I have not signed even a single application regarding these requests because we want to preserve public lands. The President wants to discourage this wanton scramble for state lands and we are poised to protecting these lands,” he assured the host.

He disclosed that people from all walks of life troop to his office almost on daily basis to pressurise him to release these lands for them to buy. According to the minister, these are revered and very influential people who are respected in society. He indicated that these people just drive around some big cities and if they find a bungalow which has been seemingly neglected somehow, then they take shot of it and thereafter they send applications to the ministry for the release of these lands for purchase.

“How can we sell off these bungalows for private development? These are state properties that must be protected for posterity. We are determined to discourage this practice and the president has warned against that undignified behaviour,” he said.

He assured the country that once he remains the sector minister, he would not give in for this practice to perpetuate. On the issuance of mining license for small scale mining, he reiterated that since he assumed duty he has not signed a single one because he wants to ensure responsible mining in Ghana.

“Before I will sign any license, then I am sure of the sanctity, authenticity and  appropriateness of the concessionaire’s allotment. I have decided to ensure responsible and appropriate mining to save our water bodies and lands,” he said.

The minister once again re-echoed the need for the sustenance of responsible small scale mining that continues to give employment and adds to our GDP growth. He said government cannot and will not ban small scale mining that had been in existence since creation.

He however lamented about the indescribable destruction of our water bodies and environment by some irresponsible illegal miners which is being worked on to ensure sound safe environment. So far, his ministry is considering undertaking three major steps to arrest the illegal mining menace; Reclamation, Reforestation, and Responsible Community Mining to ensure acceptable standards in the small scale mining sector. According to the minister some mining experts have been brought in to assist government to institute these schemes as well employ the youth to put the country on sound mining footing.




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