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We Should Bring the ‘Crazy’ Contracts to an End

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Editorial (The Daily Searchlight, Friday, 10th December, 2021)


It would seem that various governments in Ghana just take sheer delight in paying out vast sums of monies belonging to the people of Ghana, to foreign interests, in the name of contracts.

In recent memory, one can recall the scandal of Construction Pioneers (CP), in which the government of Ghana under former President Jerry John Rawlings paid out so much money to the owners of CP, that civil authorities in small European nation of Liechtenstein had reason to complain about the source of funds of the owners of that company.

We also recall the infamous case of Juliet Cotton, who, with the connivance of government officials under Rawlings, stole millions of dollars from Ghana with the excuse of rice production. That came to be known as the Aveyime Rice Scandal.

A few years back, under the government of John Dramani Mahama, many Ghanaians groaned in disbelief when a contract was granted for the amount of $250 million for the construction of the Ridge Hospital (Accra Regional Hospital). 

Under the same John Mahama Administration, he sold concessions belonging to the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority for cheap, giving away nearly a billion dollars to a French billionaire.

And we are sure that there are more such scandals.

However, the sun has hardly set on the scandal of Ridge Hospital, when news is emerging of humongous contracts signed for the construction of edifices on land at Korle Bu.

The Daily Searchlight is of the firm belief that officials appointed into public positions in Ghana simply love to give away monies belonging to Ghanaians, and they particularly love it if the money is being given to foreigners. This is because, in most occasions, these ‘crazy contracts’, as we have come to call them, are given over to foreign interests.

We believe that the time may have come for Ghanaians to begin demanding accountability when it comes to these contracts. If we do not insist that people pay penultimate prices for being so frivolous with this nation’s funds, they would continue to waste our money.

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