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We Do Not Believe That This Is a Good Idea

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Editorial 1st November, 2021


It has been reported that the Coastal Development Authority through an automobile company has procured the first batch of 200 Mini cars to ‘phase out’ the unsafe Okada system to ensure safety and discipline on the roads of our cities. The CEO of the CODA, Lawyer Jerry Shaibu Ahmed who launched the program advised the privileged beneficiaries to turn a new leaf and adopt the laid down driving rules to reduce carnage on our roads.

“As a board member of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, l see a lot of Okada accidents and the danger it poses to our citizens. That is why the government has thought it wise to replace the two-wheel motorcycles with four-wheel mini cars,” he said.

The CEO said the cars were purchased for 23,000 Ghana cedis each and all have been registered. He said that the vehicles are however being offered for 25,000 Ghana cedis through CODA credit union facility.

The Daily Searchlight believes the aspiration behind the idea, which is the put in some measures to ensure safety on our roads, is a good aspiration.

However, that is about all that can be said for this project, when it comes to its usefulness.

To begin with, two-wheel vehicles, whether private or commercial, would never be replaced as a means of transportation anywhere in the world, ever. It has come to stay.

Secondly, even for the city of Accra alone, two hundred vehicles is woefully inadequate. The number is not even enough to serve one sub-metro of the city.

Thirdly, the effort from CODA evinces a basic and fatal misunderstanding of Okada as a transportation module in terms of business. That business is driven by the private sector, at much cheaper prices. Compared to the price of a motorbike, the new vehicle is too expensive, and also unfit for the tasks that motorbikes perform.

Fourth, CODA’s efforts also evince a misunderstanding of the factors of okada transportation generally. There are thousands of motorbikes operating as okada vehicles. In contrast, the 200 vehicles provided is just a drop in the vast ocean.

We believe that the idea of these vehicles is ill-thought out, and initiated by an agency that has little to do to occupy its time.

We hope that no more state money would be used in pursuit of this hare-brained idea.

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