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Top 5 affordable Ghanaian dishes to buy online in 2022

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The country Ghana is synonymous with the word culture. All around the world, Ghana is one of the countries recognized as rich in culture with many natural resources from gold, cocoa, oil and tourist sites as well as textiles (kente), festivals, songs, and dances among many others. Food, however, is one complicated topic and often there are debates on which country has the best cuisine. Ghana is also very popular for ‘’Jollof’’ and in recent times, there has been a battle with Nigeria for who has the best Jollof in Africa. Of course, that may have been settled after Ghana beat Nigeria to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2022.


Today, nearly everyone orders for food online in Ghana. Burgers, shawarma, fries, chips and chicken are popular meals Ghanaians order online. Sometimes, these foods are quite expensive and many people prefer local food. Identifying the affordable Ghanaian dishes to buy online is sometimes challenging. Jumia, Africa’s leading online food delivery platform shares a few insights below.

‘’Red Red’’ –  This is popularly known as ‘’gob3’’ and is enjoyed by nearly everyone in Ghana. It consists of cooked beans, cassava flakes (gari), palm nut oil and is eaten with fried ripe plantain. These days, many people garnish it with boiled eggs, fried fish, meat or fried gizzard. ‘’Red Red’’ is found almost everywhere on the streets in Ghana and is a delicacy mainly associated with the Ewe tribe. Online delivery platforms like Jumia Food have many vendors that sell this meal for as low as Ghs 10. Now you can stay in the comfort of your home or office and get your ‘’red red’’ delivered to you.

‘’Waakye’’ – Second on the list is the popular ‘’waakye’’ meal. This is a widespread meal that can hardly be tied to any tribe but is very much a speciality of the northern tribes. It consists of cooked rice and beans with special brownish leaves that give it colour. Waakye is often accompanied by cassava flakes (gari), boiled/fried eggs, fish, meat, ‘’wele’’, spaghetti, vegetables and even sometimes fried plantain. Waakye can be considered as 4 different meals in one. In Ghana, many people eat it for breakfast. You can get a full pack of waakye with all it’s elements for as low as 10gh online.

‘’Banku with okro’’ – Another one from the prestigious Ewe tribe, this delicacy is just mouthwatering and often eaten as lunch or supper. It consists of primarily a mixture of corn and cassava dough made into a paste and accompanied by okra soup. Several protein options can be added including fish, meat, crabs, snails, pig feet, wele (skin) among others. Averagely, one can order banku and okro soup for as low as Ghs 15 and get it delivered to them well packaged and ready for consumption.

‘’Kenkey & Fish’’ – This is the main staple of many households in Ghana. A favourite of the Ga tribe and a symbolic meal in Ghana’s history. Arguably one of the most affordable meals you can find in every corner of our cities. This tasty meal consists of a wrapped paste of corn dough, boiled and eaten with hot pepper, stew (gravy) or shito. It is accompanied by many protein options like fried fish, pork, fried eggs, sausages, fried goat, shrimps, sardine, mackerel etc. You can get this delicious meal for as low as Ghs 10 online and get it delivered to you for lunch or supper. Some people even have it for breakfast.

’Angwa mu’’ – Finally we have the Ghanaian version of ‘’fried rice’’ known in many parts of the world as braised rice. This is plain rice cooked with oil and sliced onions or sometimes vegetables. It is easy to prepare and is often eaten with freshly ground pepper or shito. It is also accompanied by a host of protein choices such as fried eggs, sardine, beef, fish, meat etc. It is often quicker to make than other local meals and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. A pack of Angwamu can be ordered online for as low as Ghs 15 and you can get it on your table within an hour.

Ghana has many other amazingly delicious local dishes that are affordable and you are encouraged to try all of them. This is an amazing time to jump on Jumia Ghana’s free delivery service when you order any of these and other great meals online. Download the Jumia app and enjoy your meals with no delivery costs. ‘’Bon Appetite’’



Bennet Otoo [PR & Communications Manager]

(Jumia Ghana)

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