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*The Man Asabee; Charismatic, Energetic, Go-Getter*

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It is undeniable fact that the energy Mr. Stephen Asamoah Boateng has fired into the race for chairmanship position of the New Patriotic Party is exciting the grassroots members and supporters.



Even though his intention was declared quite late, as compared to his other contenders, every truthful poll watcher cannot miss, but see the positive energy and drive the man affectionately called Asabee has brought into the race.



This is characteristic of a few personalities on earth whose presence draw people closer, whose presence produces some positive energy, even when there is the call for a positive defiance from them, you can’t but join in.


For a ruling party like the New Patriotic Party, that has been heading for eight years in power and seeking to go beyond, the choice of persons to steer affairs in this tortuous task must be made carefully.


NPP needs a crowd pulling leader who will get the crowd prepared and eager to listen to what the flag bearer or the party has for them going forward.



The NPP needs a leader who can unify the various aspects, classes and factions of the party into victory. It will be very disastrous, almost reprehensible for the NPP to have a repetition of the causes of their loss of the 2008 General Elections. Some political observers believe these causes are, unfortunately, reappearing today.


The selfishness, greed and arrant display of arrogance by some appointees, the annoying combination of greed and dormancy by more than 80 percent of National Executives of the party, and the miserable state of the party’s grassroot base, calls for someone who can be seen as a co-equal of the ‘big men’ as well as drawer of the youth.


Such a personality can bring both generations together, lacing them with those appointed to various positions to the table to jaw-jaw on why and how the party must ‘Break the 8’ and the way to do it.



It would have been normal for the party to lose the upcoming 2024 General elections if there was no ‘Breaking the 8’ mantra. It would have been normal for the party to lose the 2024 elections if there was no need for it to continue the great developmental projects and policies it has started, and if Ghanaians were not begging for more of good governance. The NPP is better than that provided by the NDC.


From a very youthful age, this man has been with the elephant tradition fighting to make it not just known, but accepted by Ghanaians all over.


Ghanaians usually mention Margaret Thatcher when they want to give examples of leaders who exhibited some unusual valor, excellence and resilience in the face of tough opposition. To see these traits in Asabee does not surprise me, knowing he had the opportunity to be trained by the woman who is arguably one of the best Prime Ministers Great Britain has ever produced.


In addition to the tough training he received from the Great Margaret Thatcher, he also had the opportunity to serve in several portfolios under the most successful government produced by the UP/NPP tradition; the venerable John Agyekum Kufuor administration between 2000 and 2008.


If the NPP has such a person who is an embodiment of courage, great communication skills, hard work, strategic and visionary person coupled with the ability to be a bridge linking the party’s grass root to the National Executives, and to the Presidency and appointees, why look elsewhere when Asabee is around?



Join the winning team, Choose Asabee

Choose the Man of the Moment!

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