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Rejoinder: Worsening Economy Under Akufo-Addo Making It Difficult to Campaign – Alan Cash

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By Fadi Dabbousi
There is an Arab axiom, which alludes to the explicit and unequivocal fact that if you spit up
in the air, the sputum will fall right back onto your face. You can hardly find any such proverb
more explicit than this. In Twi, it translates as follows: “Wo te nt3suo gu 3sro a 3b3 fre at)
woanim!” Now let me expatiate further.
I have always posited that Alan Kyeremanten is an astute Minister for Trade paralleled by
very few. However, his communication skills lack the excitement that comes with such an
avid business-minded person. He needs better communication strategists to fashion his skills
enough to attract the attention of serious political gurus who have clout enough to influence
the masses. Alas, from his camp, there seems to be a void of skill in all aspects of effective
campaigning! It is not by a personal whim that I make this statement, but history has never
failed to remind us of our shortcomings and successes albeit the success part is never carried
by humanity except in exceptional cases where there is an essence to project, and, even then,
many have been attributed to the wrong persons!
In all the flagbearership contests, there have never been times that my good friend Alan has
won by so much as an uninteresting pass! He has never won beyond 32.5%, which, actually,
was his best score against Nana Akufo-Addo, so his statement that he stepped down for “his
brother Akufo-Addo” is just bundled up baloney made up with alata semina and improperly
dressed for the “tukpe ritual”! My postulation in this regard is that he was overwhelmed by
the furled idea that he will win the contest in the upcoming NPP race. In as much as I see this
a shackled endeavour, I really want to wish him well from the bottom of my heart.
Make no mistake, I have not taken sides in this flagbearership contest as it is made up of
people who cannot make it past the 1% mark in spite of their honour! Left up to me, my
thoughts are with three aspirants one of whom will be my favourite, but not just yet! In all,
my contemplation clearly tells me that Alan Kyeremanten will never make it for as long as his
communication skills remain this poor, which I wish would be as good as his resourcefulness.
Nevertheless, I want to say to Chief Alan Kyeremanten that if he thinks that the economy
under Nana Akufo-Addo is worse, then he’s been part of the problem for the past six years
that he has been Minister for Trade and Industry. Again, if he thinks that the economy under
Akufo-Addo could have been managed better, he should come out boldly to tell Ghanaians
what he had proposed be done that His Excellency the President did not listen to.
You see, we have a listening President, who tests the reaction of the streets and applies the
necessary amendments to proposals and rules. Look, there is nothing such as a perfect
human being, but for the very fact that he stood up tall when he was needed most speaks


volumes about his empathy and clean-heartedness toward Ghanaians. Ghanaians must never
forget that whatever success that Alan Kyeremanten chalked can never be of his own accord,
so if he wants to apportion failures, then his is one sorry story!
I was not enthused to hear such unwholesome statements from him. He is trying to jab the
President when his focus must rather be on the way forward as he intensifies his bid to
emerge the flagbearer of the NPP. Has he soon forgotten all the success of the President that far
outweigh the repercussions of the global depression? Has he not realized that our situation is
much better than many supposed advanced countries that are being helped by the IMF albeit
on our blind side to cover the incompetency of the white man just so that we may continue
to think that we Africans cannot live in dignity without them?
I have to sound my siren and issue this stern warning that whatever is spoken about
President Akufo-Addo in a terroristic manner that seems to remotely suggest any untoward
notion against him will be met with ferocious counter-terrorism articles because one must
give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar! Give to Akufo-Addo what belongs to Akufo-Addo!
What belongs to Akufo-Addo is a seemingly endless list of achievements notably amongst
they are the Free SHS, digitization cum digitalization, and industrialization that was
staunchly brainstormed by all parties in government and approved by the President. The
President that Hon Alan Kyeremanten (Alan Cash) is disparaging approved the establishment
of the vehicle assembly plants.
So, to dear Alan Kyeremanten, I say that if the economy under Akufo-Addo is worse, then you
were a main contributing factor! It is rather appalling to cut your nose to spite your face, but
more appalling is your attempt to cut Akufo-Addo’s nose to spite his face.
Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is like gold, the more he is struck the brighter he glows!

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