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‘ESCAPADES OF KWEKU ATTA, ESQ.,’-An African President


Surprising Delight at 30,000 Feet

Kwaata took the cool drink from the svelte airhostess that came with the jet. He smiled broadly at the stewardess, hoping for a smile back. He indeed received a smile back, but it was not what he had hoped for. It stretched the lips, but did not reach the eyes. The white girl, a slim, six foot tall blond woman probably in her early thirties, was onto him and what he wanted from her. All in good time, she thought. This old man did not know it, but she was paid by the hour to make her guests happy, and willing to return for the experience, no questions asked. She would receive a commission if His Nibs asked for the jet again; and particularly for her.

Throughout the trip in, he had cast lustful glances her way, and each time she thought dirty old man, giving back only a professional response. Sadly, it seemed that she was going to subject him to the same treatment on the trip in, Kwaa thought.

Unknown to Kwaata, the lady had also been considering the proposition in his eyes. Sometimes, some of these Third World leaders could pull the greatest surprises, like the one who gave her a hundred thousand dollar bonus.

Kwaata sighed. He consoled himself that it had been a worthy trip; the stewardess may be playing hard to get, but Yaa Ponko had truly delivered in his hotel room overnight.

He was in the stateroom of the great airliner. All around was the colour of shining silver and gold. The owners of the jet had not spared money on this one.

On the eight-hour trip in, he had made sure that he used the bed for a nap, and used the bathroom too. It felt a bit different, attending to your ablutions at 30,000 feet in the sky. Now, with the single malt whiskey kicking about in his stomach, he was about to take a nap again. They had been in the air for nearly two hours and would be in the capital city in six hours. There had been a sought of party. They didn’t know that their drinks had been spiked slightly with sleeping aids to make them drowsy so that she coulg get her hands on the African leader in the stateroom. They would be arriving at dawn, and she hoped to service the old man before the plane touched down. Meanwhile, Kwaa was thinking of driving straight to the office with Yaa Ponko to see if he cannot get in another round before the workday started at nine.

Ralph Bonsu and the others were seated and dozing in the comfortable midsection of the airplane. Having stretched out their seats, they were taking a nap at 30,000 feet in the air. Everybody was turning down for the six hour journey, with the exception of the staff, the pilot ans the stewardess. The thought of the lady brought a smile to his lips. He wondered which among the male crew was ‘doing’ her. Certainly, such a sweet creature would not be allowed to lie fallow when such handsome guys were around.

Kwaata’s mind went back to the ministrations of Yaa Ponko at the hotel. He smiled happily in the darkness. That girl was talented. His friend from Tavlo knew what he was doing when he donated her to the team. Yaa was indeed talented.

At his age, with just a couple of years to hit the big seven o, Old Joe was finding it increasingly hard to rise to the challenge when summonsed to duty. Even though The Joe was still as meaty as he was when Kwaa was in his twenties and able to make the girls scream, he was not as responsive as he used to be. He required a young woman with a lot of patience, which Yaa had delivered with reverence. It seemed that she was born to service him.

When Kwaa recalled how she deftly took The Joe in her warm hands, and later in her warm mouth, he shivered. She had deftly, softly and coolly worked on The Joe, back and forth, until he was turgid, standing firmly at attention as Kwaa rested his big frame on the huge four-poster bed.

Once The Joe was standing at attention, Yaa Ponko had carefully straddled the tool. Mindful that she was serving a man well into his sixties, she had gone about things slowly and very carefully, taking care not to rock the bones too hard. And The Joe on his part had not disappointed. He had stayed strong and hard throughout the several minutes of riding, and even Yaa Ponko, expert as she is in riding Joe, later gushed that today’s performance had been a special performance by The Member.

Several hours later, as the dawn began to break in the Akwasi Broni’s capital city of Brussels, where the snow was piled high but the radiator was at full blast, Yaa Ponko was again on duty, fondling the member and trying to get him to attention. Indeed, heaven is on earth, Kwaata mused in the darkness of the cabin at 30,000 feet.

He was indeed hoping for a repeat performance at Efiekeseam before the work day started.

Suddenly, a very soft knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. He looked at the door, and the knock was repeated. He called quietly, “Please come in.”

And into the stateroom strolled the hostess. She came in, closed the door, and locked it behind her. Kwaa sat up, wide-eyed.

To be con’t.

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