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Miguel Herrera admits MLS is ‘light years ahead’ of Liga MX

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Tigres UANL head coach Miguel Herrera did not hold back when comparing Liga MX to MLS, admitting the American league is “light years ahead.”


Herrera ranted about Liga MX’s necessity to “catch up” as Major League Soccer sets its sight on European leagues for comparison.

“It’s going to the United States to keep thinking, because we just think it’s a serious mistake, that we have to compete with the MLS, and the MLS at the league level is light years ahead from us, Spain, Italy already want to beat it. and England , they don’t even turn around to see the Mexican league, on the field it seems to me that we still won and competed in several of the games,” he said in a press conference.

“In the League there is no longer competition, the ones who continue to think about it are us or the media, they passed us light years ago, they already go and buy an Argentine player for 25, 30 million dollars, and they only have three or four franchise players, in power and in all senses. A franchise in the league costs 100 million, any, the new one and in Mexico I don’t think there will be more than six teams that are worth that or more.”

The Tigres coach’s comments come after the Leagues Cup announcement confirming the new format that will see Liga MX and MLS teams compete in 77 games total across three weeks in 2023. There will be 15 groups of three, where the top two advance for a chance at the trophy and a Concacaf Champions League slot. 

The upcoming tournament will set the stage for the eternal Liga MX vs. MLS debate to be fleshed out beyond friendlies and an All Star match up.

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