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Management of Premix Has Been Better Under NPP Gov’t-Executive Secretary

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Report by Nana POKU


The head of National Premix Fuel Secretariat, Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Nana Abankwa Asare has emphasized that the ministry together with his outfit have excellently managed the affairs of the Pre-mix outfit better than before.

“When the NPP took over the management of this sector in 2017, we quickly identified the grey areas especially the unapproved supply outlets. We have been supplying through only recognized and designated pump sites to cut off the hitherto illegal dealings. This has brought a stop to the activities of the middlemen who hoarded and created artificial shortages for their personal gains,” he said in an interview with the Daily Searchlight.

The CEO indicated that Premix Fuel is a highly subsidized commodity and as a result it suffers a lot of manipulation. Again it has a lot of uses so if not managed well, it could be badly manipulated. As a result all hangers-on were done away with, leaving only legal benchmarked places to operate.

He argued that so far only recognized institutions and bodies constitute the supply and the distribution chain given by the assembly and the Ministry has vetted and approved those institutions to everyone’s satisfaction.

He said that the usual noise and complaints are from the ‘(goro’) middle people who use the commodity for other purposes rather than the expected and intended uses.

Some of these complaints are baseless and out of order.

“We can’t say that we are out of the woods completely. As a human institution, we may face some of these challenges but so far so good,” he said.

Mr. Asare said that his minister is working very hard to modernize the supply and distribution of the commodity as Cabinet has approved the digitization process to do away with human interference and manipulation of identity cards of registered genuine fishermen to eradicate or reduce the above nuances drastically. As a result a pilot scheme is being piloted at Nungua that will be replicated in all the pumping stations along the beaches.

In furtherance of ensuring total elimination of tampering with the commodity, all carting tankers have been fixed with trackers to track their movements.

“My hardworking minister is doing her best to satisfy the fisher folks by supplying them with inputs, supports and recently we saw her distributing food items and oil to the fisher folks to cushion them in the closed season era, and all these things are meant soften the needy times. However, we humbly want to appeal to our fisher folks to also reciprocate Government’s effort by obeying the rules of the game and do the right things, so that their and government’s efforts would not be in vain. Government means well for their wellbeing, that is why the President has decided to construct 11 landing sites and beaches to smoothen their operations along the landing beaches and sites from Keta to Axim,” he said.

He further disclosed that, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has done so much than any president in the lives of the fisher folks since he assumed office.

The president has supplied about 3000 thousand outboard motors at 50 % cost and the pre-mix that’s is supposed to be sold at 30gh is STILL sold at a paltry GHc7.20 since 2017.

“The Government has also supplied the fishermen with nets and other inputs at subsidized price. This shows how the current regime thinks about the fishing industry and the players therein,” he said.

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