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It is shocking how the NPP allowed the NDC’s rot at the Komenda Sugar Factory to go unattended.

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Black Mensah writes…
It is shocking how the NPP allowed the NDC’s rot at the Komenda Sugar Factory to go unattended. Even though there are enough reasons to even prosecute the culprits, we kept quiet and left it to wash away. Even putting that aside, it is as if our communicators and appointees at the Trade Ministry care less about the happenings and conversations in relation to the Komenda Sugar Factory.
The question people are asking is why keep quiet about such a rotten and fraudulent act? Why not prosecute those in charge? Why not tell the truth as far back as 2017 so as to prevent and probably dismantle all these lies and propaganda by the NDC?
A valuation report produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), dated 10th October, 2017 captures everything related to the factory as at 2nd June, 2016 when the factory was closed down for the purported maintenance and 6th January, 2017 when the NDC finally left office.
On page 5 of the document, clause 1.3 sub-clause 21, 22, and 23, it’s noted that, a quality, food safety, environmental, occupational health, and safety management systems were not implemented as at December 21st, 2016. It also states that there was no test run report, quality and food safety manual, verification and validation reports, laboratory test plans and sampling charts, a general report on the installation of plants, electrical and mechanical reports after the installation of the plant, etc. Finally, it was noted that there was no assessment by the Food and Drug Board, Environmental Protection Agency, or Ghana Standards Authority. So the question is, was the factory completed and did it ever produce sugar?
Also, on page 6 of the same document, clause 27, and further to prove that Sammy Gyamfi of the NDC lied, it is stated clearly that “There was no out-grower scheme in place and hence no training of farmers has taken place as stipulated in the contract.” Also, the local Ghanaian staff attached to the nursery were not trained as stated in the contract. The question is, did the factory have an out-grower scheme as alleged by Sammy Gyamfi?
All the above only stipulates that the factory was not completed, hence the lack of all these reports and installations. But it’s strange that the New Patriotic Party remained silent on this. But as loyal patriots, we shall continue to help the party in the dissemination of information to help us remain in power for the better of the Ghanaian people. Thank you.
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