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I Will Be Selfless As Chairman of NPP -Ameyaw Akumfi

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Report by Nana POKU


Professor Christopher Ameyaw Akumfi, one of the aspiring contestants for the position of National Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has said that he would ensure a selfless administration when elected as Chairman of the party.

He has stated that he is not in the race for personal gains but to build bridges in all quarters of the party. 

“I think to be a chairman is to cut across and you don’t take sides with any of the presidential aspirants; nevertheless we have to work together as one family and heal wounds. Those who feel aggrieved must be soothed to come back to the party as one family to win 2024 easily,” he said. 

The learned professor said those who hold positions in the party must put the welfare of the party members first and move away from personal gains. 

“Some people vie for positions for juicy contracts and opportunities but l for one all what I need is a small place to lay my head, take care of my kids, what to eat and wear. I don’t need plenty things in life. Those who build 3,4,10 houses, what are they using them for?” he asked. 

He indicated that because of death we must not scramble for too many properties because we shall die eventually. 

“So l ask myself, those grabbing worldly things of what benefits are they to them?” 

The party he said needs proper healing before it can stand firmly on its feet to enter into 2024 because a lot of party supporters and activists are seemingly aggrieved. 

Prof stated that he does not support or hate any of the presidential contestants because in case your preferred candidate does not emerge the winner, then you the chairman may face difficult challenge. 

“I for one I do not use any derogatory language against any of the contestants, that’s not my style and every one should know l don’t do that,” he indicated. 

He asked the party supporters not to denigrate the current officers who have delivered two victories for the party. 

He opined that they may not have gotten everything right but people must not chastise them. 

“If it comes to the time for elections you may have the opportunities to retain or reject them. So let’s avoid internal bickering and mudslinging,” he appealed to the supporters. Prof Ameyaw Akumfi appealed to the party delegates to consider his candidacy as a result of his loyalty, track record, dedication, and demeanor, and comportment, contribution to the party, his experience, scholarship, relationship and sense of duty. 

“I want to serve as the Abusuapanyin of our great tradition because l may not like the drudgery of going up and down with ministerial jobs but to stay home and straighten up things in the party. We have done our bit for the party but now is the time to serve as the head of the party and help the young ones come up”, he said. 

Professor Ameyaw Akumfi made these statements when this paper caught up with him in his office to find out his plans for his Chairmanship bid and the party. 

He appealed to all party delegates to make very good and sound decisions to increase the chances of the party in 2024.

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