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Hardship Builds The Character of our children-Attributed to President Uhuru Kenyata

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*By President Uhuru Kenyata:*
I know that this won’t be taken positively by many but I will say it anyway.
When you wake your house maid up by 5 am every morning and your children sleep up to 10am ..especially during the holidays ..you are training the house maid …and not your children
You make sure your maid cleans the house kitchen and compound while your children waste away on computer games and Internet ..you are training your maid and leaving your children to fate and future uncertainties ..
Your maid does all the cooking …your children  do all the eating ..when your daughters get married and can’t cook and their marriages have problems …you blame the devil ..you start praying going to crusades to save her marriage …disturbing Pastor
The truth is that ..it’s good to have a maid …but let your maid just be an assistant in the home and not make your maid the main manager of your home. (Yes, like we call them DM’s) Many of us have indirectly trained the maid and left our  children to be untrained and indisciplined ..you have been training someone else’s daughter unknown to you in the name of ….she is paid ..she must work …How can I pay and she’s still sleeping? You ask…
The future will come when fate will smile on the maid and she will get married to a husband who is wealthy and the maid will take all the trainings you gave her ….trainings which were torture and sufferings from you to her ..but to her ..unknown to you …you made her a soldier of destiny …
What home training did you then give your children ? Ordinary underwear ..pants and bra or even socks ..they can’t wash …not to talk of washing plates in kitchen or even cleaning the bathroom and toilets … How then will your son be able to protect his wife and children when he grows up and gets married ? This is why many husbands are indisciplined and lazy …domestically lazy.
Parents, Charity begins at home. Let’s not just train our house maids and leave our children to be psychological imbeciles ..
*Thought of sharing🙄*
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