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*Gregory Afoko: A Victim of Political Persecution ?*

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Ken Kuranchie
Ken Kuranchiehttps://www.thedailysearchlight.com
Chief Editor of The Daily Searchlight Newspaper.
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On this day, we mark the birthday of Gregory Afoko, a man whose life has been unjustly entangled in the web of political machinations. Gregory Afoko’s story is not just about one man’s struggle; it is a glaring example of the erosion of justice and the abuse of power.


In a case that has captured the attention of many, Gregory Afoko was found not guilty of a crime he vehemently denies committing – murder. His continued incarceration speaks more to the political climate of Ghana than to any evidence of his wrongdoing.

Gregory Afoko’s ordeal is seen as a move orchestrated to please the President . It’s evident that his trial is not about seeking truth and justice but rather about serving political interests.

Despite the efforts of Gregory Afoko’s legal team to prove his innocence, the wheels of justice seem to grind slowly against him. When the court granted him  bail, the hand of political interference intervened –  “Orders from above” says that Gregory Afoko should be released” and be kept at the BNI. The IGP, The Commissioner CID & 1 other officer had contempt charges filed against them  refusing to obey
a court order

A nolle prosequai meaning the State is no more interested in prosecuting a case, was used to truncate Gregory Afoko’s trial that had dragged on for four long years, and to start a new trial. The excuse given was that another person had been arrested in connection with the same case.
In the new trial the jury by majority decision found Gregory Afoko not guilty. The attorney general rejected the decision and declared it a mistrial, paving the way for a new trial which has begun.

In law, the burden of proof lies with the accuser. The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Every aspect of  Gregory Afoko’s trial runs contrary to this principle.
This is an indictment of not only the judicial system but also the Ghana bar association the commission for human rights in administrative justice, on their deafening silence over the abuse of Gregory Afoko’s Human Rights….
The legal system which should be a bastion of fairness and impartiality, seems to have been twisted to serve those in power. Gregory Afoko’s case is a stain on the judiciary, a testimony to what happens when politics is allowed to interfere with justice.

In the midst the darkness, there is hope. Ghanaians are witnesses to this gross injustice against Gregory Afoko,
On this day, as we extend our wishes to Gregory Afoko, let us also reaffirm our commitment to holding those in power accountable and to standing up for the principles of fairness and equality for all.
Happy birthday, Gregory Afoko. Your fight is a fight for us all.

Muhiddeen Mohammed

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