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Ken Kuranchie
Ken Kuranchiehttps://www.thedailysearchlight.com
Chief Editor of The Daily Searchlight Newspaper.
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Friday, 7th June, 2024, marked yet another day of the Greening Ghana Project. It was beautifully marked across the length and breadth of the country by virtually all government agencies, with the support of some politicians and traditional councils, a sure sign that it has the blessing of the President.


The celebration of the Greening Ghana Day, however, is also happening at a time when there has been an unprecedented attack on Ghana’s standing forests and river bodies by illegal mining. Indeed, so destructive has been illegal mining, that the nation is said to be running out of water for human use, not to speak of forests.

We believe, in the face of the lost (not losing) battle against illegal mining, with its calamitous effect on standing forests and river bodies, it is highly myopic to be celebrating the planting of trees, or to be planting trees, even, because the environmental eco-system that would support these trees, is being destroyed.

Yes, efforts to plant trees should be celebrated, but at the same time even greater effort should be made to stem the tide of deforestation, and the destruction of rivers, one of which is driven by illegal mining.

From all evidence, the attack on the environment is led by the government itself. It is the government that is granting mining licenses, and it is the government that is going round the country euphemistically relabeling illegal mining enterprises with the tag ‘community mining’.

The effort to green Ghana, therefore, can only be truly and fully celebrated when it is matched by a commensurate effort to stop illegal mining, which effort, by all calculations, have failed.

Yes, we should green Ghana, but at the same time, we should stop the destruction of Ghana’s standing forests and river bodies. The latter should come first.

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