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GPRTU TO SUSPEND SERVICES? …In Northern Region, Elsewhere.

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The Northern Regional Branch of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) of Ghana has directed all its members in the region to put down their services from 5.00 a.m., to 6.00 p.m. on Monday.


The order is in regard to certain demands the GPRTU in the region says it has made to government.

Meanwhile the matter of the transport unions declaring strike and withdrawing their services has been on the cards since Thursday last week, when representatives of various unions held a crunch meeting with Deputy Transport Minister Hassan Tampuli in Accra.

Following the meeting one member of the Concerned Drivers Union came out with lies on an Accra-based radio station on the exact words of Mr. Tampuli. This official of the Concerned Drivers Union is later reported to have been ordered to retract his lies, which he has since done.

It is widely perceived that at the centre of the demands of the union are the prices of fuel, which the unions insist must be reduced.

In the press release, the Northern region branch of GPRTU stated that in pursuance of the directives of the Coalition of Commercial Transport Operators in Ghana, all branches and local of the GPRTU, Northern region and all affiliates of the coalition in the Northern region are to embark on a sit-down strike from 5am on Monday 6th December 2021.

“The sit-down strike would remain in forces until all our demands are fully met by the government.

“We entreat all our members and all affiliates of the coalition to fully comply with this directives. We also wish to appeal to the general public to bear with the coalition on its stand in order for the government to scrap all the taxes on the pump price of petroleum products to ease the burden on Ghanaians,” the statement said.


The Daily Searchlight Says…

…Just Go Ahead & Increase Your Rates,

In reaction to the supposed industrial action contemplated by the GPRTU on Monday, the Daily Searchlight calls on the unions to start operating like business organizations, instead of imposing hardship on the blameless members of the public.

We believe that as the government regularly insists, it must have its revenue to go about its operations, and one of the identified ways of raising revenue, is through the imposition of taxes on petroleum products.

At the same time, we also believe that nobody can reasonably expect drivers and unions to operate at a loss. If and when prices of fuel and other transport inputs go up, one cannot expect the operator to absorb it to affect its operations and profits.

That being the case, it would be reasonable for the operators to increase their fares and rates. Therefore, instead of withdrawing their services and imposing hardship on Ghanaians, who would rather have transportation as against paying a few pesewas or cedis extra, the unions should simply go ahead to impose the cedis and pesewas in consultation with the relevant agencies and statutes.

This should not be a matter that should be used to engage in any unnecessary imposition of hardship and interminable dialogue!

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