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EJISU NPP BOILS! …As Executives ‘Chase’ MCE

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Elected Executives of the New Patriotic Party in the Ejisu constituency have raised concerns about attempts by the MCE for Ejisu Mr. Samuel Frimpong to treat the party in the constituency as if it is a family property.


The delegates on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 staged a demonstration to express their disapproval in this phenomenon.

According to the delegates the MCE for Ejisu Mr. Samuel Frimpong has openly said his brother will contest the next parliamentary elections in the constituency.

This assertion according to the executives have propelled the MCE to engage in various acts that are undermining the peace and security in the constituency. 

One of the leaders of the demonstrators Mr. Philip Owusu in his interview with the media claimed that the MCE has on numerous occasions said that his family has been supporting the party in the constituency for a long time and it is now time for them to take over the party.

“The MCE told us that his brother the MD for ECG Mr. Agyemang Bedu will be the next MP for Ejisu. We would like to tell the MCE that Ejisu is not a family property so he should stop sabotaging  the works of the current MP, Dr. John Apontuah Kumah”. 

The polling station executives are calling for the dismissal of the MCE and are on course to reliever their petition to the relevant authority.

Meanwhile pressure is mounting on Government to dismiss the Municipal Chief Executive of Ejisu, Mr. Samuel Frimpong after more than 2,000 polling station executives and members of the New Patriotic Party hit the streets to call for his dismissal.

The executives have accused the MCE for creating confusion in the constituency and failing in his responsibilities to protect the interest of the party and the Government in the area he is supposed to oversee.

Addressing the media after the demonstration, the executives said the MCE is fueling tension in the constituency by instructing his supporters to attack the personality of the member of parliament for Ejisu, Dr. John Kumah. 

The executives displayed various intercepted WhatsApp messages and financial transactions that shown the MCE instructed some people to attack the Member of Parliament for Ejisu.

“We have evidence that shows that the recent brouhaha that occurred in the constituency is the handiwork of the MCE, who has paid people and instructed them to attack the MP for this constituency.

“As members of the New Patriotic Party in Ejisu we cannot allow this to continue, he must be sacked from the constituency since he has refused to cooperate with the MP we queued to vote for,” one of the executives said.

The delegates are calling for the immediate dismissal of the MCE and have promised to go every length to ensure he is sacked.

Meanwhile elected  polling station executives of the  of New Patriotic Party in the Ejisu constituency have called out the Municipal Chief Executive for Ejisu, Mr. Samuel Frimpong for spreading misinformation on the just ended polling stations and zonal elections.

The delegates during a demonstration on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 shown various pictures and videos of the election being conducted in broad day light to buttress their assertion.

They further indicated that the MCE is a liar and is making this baseless claims because his supporters lost in the just ended elections. The executives insist that they did not cast their votes at midnight and the election organized was free and fair.

Leticia Amoateng, a polling station executive for Onwe in addressing the media expressed her surprise at the conduct of the MCE and could not fathom why he will go on air and lie about an election he knows was free and fair.

“Mr. Frimpong has really disgraced some of us. All the tension and issues that have emerged after the election is because he wants his brother the MD for ECG to become the next MP for Ejisu. Before the election his supporters were applauding the election committee for a good job, after they lost the election, they have insulted and attacked everyone including our MP” she added the delegates expressed disgust at the conduct of the MCE and advised him to desist from spreading lies about the polling station and the 2nd elections.

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