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The Chiefs of Axim Traditional Council have warned the Paramount Chief of Nsein Traditional Council, all in the Nzema East Municipal of the Western Region, Awulae Adjefi Kwame II, to stop his unlawful persistent invasion of Axim lands.

According to the chiefs, the Nsein Chief’s clandestine actions to claim lordship of the central part of the Lower Axim known as Otupai is absurd and unfounded and should be treated with the utmost contempt.


For nearly five decades, the Paramount Chief of Nsein Traditional Council has claimed lordship over the Otupai Division of Lower Axim (the central part of Lower Axim) as part of Nsein jurisdiction, with its custodians, the Awuza Family of Otupai Lower Axim also serving under his council.

This has resulted in several legal battles, with the court’s ruling in favour of the Awuza Family of Otupai, who maintained they are not mandated or obligated to serve on the Nsein Traditional Council, and with appeals filed by the Nsein Chief all being rejected by the courts.

In a joint press conference held by the Axim Traditional Council, which is made up of the Upper and Lower Axim Traditional Areas, as well as the Otupai Division on Friday 7th October, 2022 in Axim, the President of the Axim Traditional Council, Awulae Attibrukusu III, expressed his displeasure with his colleague Nsein Chief’s ongoing attempt to undermine the peace and unity of the people of Axim.

In his opinion, the Nsein Chief’s use of all illegal means to destabilise Axim’s development goal of the people and resort to litigation is a waste of time and resources, and he will not continue to engage him on that level as the chiefs and people are poised to promote their better living standard.

“We are sick and tired of unnecessary and unattainable litigation and prefer to use our resources and time to fight for developmental projects in our traditional area, such as renovating the Axim Government Hospital, which, interestingly, does not serve the people of Axim but the people of Nzema East, which includes the Nsein Traditional Area,” Awulae Attibrukusu III stated.

“We strongly urge the relevant authorities, particularly the National Security Council and other state security agencies, to intervene in this matter as soon as possible to avert any violence or calamity, as things can quickly spiral out of control if care is not taken.”


The former Vice President of the National House of Chiefs also urged Awulae Agyefi II to consult the Chieftaincy Act 2008, Act 759, regarding the procedure for enstooling and destooling chiefs, stating that he (Nsein Chief) has no right or authority to install a chief where there is already an existing chief, as his action is a well calculated and relentless effort to generate discord, litigation, and confusion, as well as incite violence among

On his part, Nana Awuza III, Divisional Chief of Otupai of Lower Axim Traditional Area, whose jurisdiction is claimed by the Nsein Chief, refuted the assertion that his division is under Nsein, claiming that only one of Nsein’s nine chiefs, Awulae Adjefi Kwame II, is claiming lordship of Otupai, which is false.
“It must be stated that the Otupai Division has never served under Nsein since its inception, and we dare the Nsein Chief to produce evidence to prove otherwise, and if he is able to do so, we will return to him; and we know he has no documentation to back his bogus claim.”


“We are sick and tired of court litigation and are now prepared to face him with our blood and sweat, and if he, the chief of Nsein, doesn’t know the meaning of Otupai, which is War’ and we will retaliate if he continues with his needless demand.”
Nana Awuza revealed.
He expressed his displeasure with the Nsein Chief’s plot to collude with some chiefs at both the Western Regional House of Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs in order to secretly gazette an unknown chief whom the Nsein Chief claimed to have handpicked from the Awuza Family, as well as using the phrase “Lower Town Axim and Nsein Traditional Council” in his official documents.

“It is now clear that all of his lost legal proceedings between we, the Awuza Family, over claim of lordship of Otupai Division of Lower Axim have gone in vain for him, and thus resort to going behind to use some of his cronies at the National House of Chiefs to overturn and disregard a court of competent jurisdiction’s rule, which we shall not grant him (Nsein Chief) the audience and attention and has no business meddling in Awuza family affairs.


Nana Awuza III, the Sanahene of Lower Axim Traditional, believes that “rather than using his experience as the supposed longest serving paramount chief of the western region to impact positively on up-and-coming traditional rulers, the Nsein Chief should spend his entire lifetime litigating and inciting violence.”

“The Awuza Family of Otupai of Lower Axim unanimously nominated, coronated, and sworn in Nana Awuza III as their only leader and chief of the division in 2008, and any other self-imposed chief being handpicked by the Nsein Chief is alien to the family, and his action may lead to bloodshed if the National Security, President of the Republic, Chieftaincy Ministry does not intervene.”

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