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African Governments Should Ensure Quality Governance

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Editorial (The Daily Searchlight 11th February, 2022)


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Madam Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey has told journalists that ECOWAS is systematically and methodically dealing with the volatile security situation in the sub region. 

She has stated that the ECOWAS Authority is doing all in its power through the system of peer review to ensure that the phenomenon of coups, which has reared its ugly head in West Africa, would be brought to an end.

The Daily Searchlight believes that the only way to battle insurgency and discontent, is for the public to believe that they have a stake in the general wellbeing of the governing system.

The public can only develop such trust, when they believe that they have a stake in the governance. That can only happen when the governed see a real and demonstrable attempt by the governing class to see to their wellbeing.

Unfortunately, in the case of Africa and particularly West Africa, that has not been the case.

We believe that the content of the ‘peer review’ that the ECOWAS Authority claims to be spearheading, may not have a very high standard of conduct by West African leaders. It is hard to understand why West African leaders consistently fail to speak against Presidents who try to extend their constitutional mandates, which is one of the prime drivers of coups on the African continent.

It is hard to understand why they fail to speak against blatant human rights abuses in the sub-region, another driver of popular discontent.

We hope that the public in West Africa would quickly realize that their good fortune does not lie with any single adventurer.

That said, West African leaders have a duty to begin to deliver on the mandate to improve human care in the sub-region.

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