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Report by Edward FRIMPONG

The Ghana Health Service on its two rounds rigorous campaign to eradicate Polio in Ghana has launched its National Immunisation Days against Polio via zoom.
The launch of the National Immunisation Days against Polio which was under the auspices of Ghana Health Service was dubbed: Kick Polio out of Ghana.Vaccinate your child now.
According to Ghana Health Service, Polio vaccine has been given to millions of children for many years now and has proven to be safe and effective.There is no cure for Polio, the only way to protect children against Polio is to vaccinate children with multiple doses of the vaccine.
The main speaker who propounded his ideas to underpin the Polio vaccination campaign via zoom was the Deputy Director-General Dr.Anthony A.Ofosu of Ghana Health Service.
The campaign for drawing attention to the Immunization Days is in two rounds and it is expected to be conducted from 1st to 4th September and 6th to 9th October, 2022 for 1st and 2nd rounds respectively.
To help kick Polio out of Ghana, all children must be vaccinated during this Immunisation campaign with the exemption of no child between the ages of 5 years.
Parents were urged to inform the nearest Health centre within 24 hours if their child under 15 years develops sudden paralysis ( weakness of the limbs)
According to Ghana Health Service,Over the world Immunisation against vaccine preventable diseases is one of the key interventions that has improved child survival rates.
It was noted at the launch that Polio is not a treatable disease, yet it is completely preventable and what makes it the most effective form of prevention is the provision of vaccination against Polio.
Dr. Anthony A.Ofosu Deputy Director-General of Ghana Health Service stated that, through Immunisation efforts, the incidence of Polio has since decreased by over 99%.About 2.5 billion children and over 5 million disabilities have been prevented worldwide through oral Polio vaccine.
“In spite of the worldwide efforts, two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, remain endemic.Until Poliovirus transmission is interupted in these countries, all countries remain at risk of importation of Polio”.Dr.Anthony A.Ofosu said.
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